Saudades, Aaron Spoor

Paul Lee's Grand Legacy in Honduras Rosewood and a Bearclaw European Spruce Double Top. This guitar has a 640mm scale and an acoustic port. Click to enlarge.

The Grand Legacy

This is my primary concert guitar. It is slightly larger than a Miguel Rodriguez with my own plantilla or shape that is hopefully as attractive to the eye as it is for tone production. The guitar can be ordered with a Double Top or conventional solid top in Cedar or Spruce and in many combination of tonewoods.

The Grand Legacy is a proven guitar design with many special design concepts. The objective has been to provide significantly more power for the concert guitar while keeping the Spanish sonority that we love in the instrument. This has required original thinking and the integration of several new developments and materials available in contemporary luthiery, all blended with many proven legacy techniques.

The symmetrical radial bracing in the Grand Legacy. This is John Read's conventional top GL in Indian Rosewood with a 200 year-old Redwood top. The bracing is of European Spruce. Click to enlarge.

The new Grand Legacy has been a terrific design and process challenge. It takes longer to build and requires more material, but in the end I feel that this guitar has exceptional performance and value to offer its owner. The most frequently ordered version of this guitar is in my Double Top soundboard with acoustic port. The Double Top provides impressive power and excellent sonority with rich balanced tone from bass to treble and string to string.

Larry Cooperman's Grand Legacy in Brazilian Rosewood/European Spruce Double Top and Art Nouveau rosette in Desert Ironwood Burl. Click to enlarge.

Truly usable dynamic range is an important tool not commonly available in a concert guitar yet the Grand Legacy can speak clearly in the soft voices, while the player can draw on impressive power for forte passages ... dig hard there is plenty of headroom when you ask for it.

Bill Slate's Grand Legacy in Brazilian and European Spruce with polished Ebony Headplate. Click to enlarge.

Color and harmonics are important for interpretation and this is where the Double Top soundboard exhibits its amazing resources. Due in part to its ability to achieve higher amplitudes for a given amount of string energy the Double Top seems to do everything well and do it consistently from guitar to guitar. A signature sound to be sure.