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Jim Bosse, Conservatory

Once the lead guitarist for Billy Joel, Jim eventually moved to the classical guitar. Jim can be found at,

Several MP3 recording by Jim demonstrate the sonoral quality of Reynolds Conservatory model.

Selection 1 (15th Century), Jim Bosse
Selection 2 (15th Century), Jim Bosse
Bach Minuet, Jim Bosse
Musette, Jim Bosse

Dale Miller, Grand Legacy Double Top in Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood

Dale Miller is a Colorado Springs based classical guitarist, teacher, performer and author. He has been on the Colorado College staff for twenty years. To hear more from Dale, check out his mySpace site or see his bio.

Barbara Ann (Dale Miller), Dale Miller

Aaron Spoor, Grand Legacy Double Top in Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood

Sausades (Clarice Assad), Aaron Spoor

Jim Smith, Grand Legacy Double Top

Evocacion from Suite Del Recuerdos (Jose Luis Merlin), Jim Smith

Tom Stringer, 1937 Hermann Hauser Homage Series

Blind Mary (Turlough O‘Carolan), Tom Stringer
Irish Air (Anonymous), Tom Stringer

Phil Volan, Reynolds Woodsong

Phil Volan took 2nd place at the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in 2002. Phil can be found at, Seen here playing an original composition, Phil's Reel.

(Phil does have another reel, which is aptly called, Phil's Other Reel, Phil Volan).

KJ Braithwaite, Reynolds Woodsong

KJ is a lifelong musician and also a journeyman luthier at Reynolds Guitar. He is currently playing in a dynamic trio and can be found at Below are two original compositions from a soon to be released solo CD.

Lands End, KJ Braithwaite
Mothers Lament, KJ Braithwaite

James Caldwell, Grand Legacy Double Top

"The guitar is a 2008 Randy Reynolds 'Grand Legacy' double top of European Spruce and Indian Rosewood. Massive volume with great clarity and evenness up the neck and across the strings. Pretty much everything he claims on his website is true. Thanks for watching."

Pearland Guitarist web site.